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Publication Ethics

Article Assessment

All manuscripts are subject to double-blind peer review to remove bias from the process. Submissions must achieve academic excellence before acceptance. Editors will mediate the review process. Peer reviews will not be published and the process will remain confidential between the authors and the reviewers. Improvements to the manuscript will be recommended regardless of whether the article is accepted or rejected. Inappropriate article topics may be rejected out of hand by the editors (e.g. basic science, non-technical or low-tech, too basic or old information, etc.). This journal is focused on providing new information that is relevant to clinicians in the practice of dentistry.

We have experts available to review all clinical areas of dentistry and dental technology. The editors will select the most appropriate reviewers. The goal is to complete the review within 30 days. If an extensive revision is needed the process may take longer.

When a change/revision is recommended it should be done by the authors in a different colored type so the reviewers can see the changes easily. If the authors disagree with the changes and the article is accepted without changes, the reviewers’ criticisms may be published along with the article, allowing the readers to decide. Only in this case will the reviewers will be identified. The complete publication will be Open Access, including any published critiques. A constructive letter to the editor may also be accepted and published at the discretion of the editors, but any flagrantly denigrating or derogatory comments will be removed.

Duplicate Submission

Manuscripts found to have been published elsewhere will be rejected or if discovered after publication will be retracted. Manuscripts that are extensions of previous work must contribute new information.




We are only interested in publishing original material, material that has not been published elsewhere. CrossCheck uses iThenticate software to detect plagiarism. Manuscripts with indications of plagiarism will be rejected or if discovered after publication, retracted.

Reference Padding/Erroneous Citations

References will be evaluated for accuracy and necessity. Unnecessary or incorrectly attributed references will be required to be removed or corrected.


Faking of Author Contributions

All authors (if more than one) must have made a real contribution to the article, approved all of its claims and jointly verified its entire authenticity.


Conflicts of Interest

The Conflict of Interest form revealing any financial, personal, patents/trademarks, or associations with potential conflicts of interest of the authors must be filled out and signed by all authors. Reviewers will be expected to recuse themselves when by association or otherwise they know who the authors are.


In cases where the conflict is inadvertent, no sanction will be applied, only corrected. When an intentional deception of any kind is discovered, an appropriate sanction will be applied after a determination by the chief editor and after sufficient consultation with the peer-reviewers.

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